Back to School with Disney Vitamins! #sp

Back to school is a busy time of the year. I shop for new clothes, supplies and even try to think up new lunch ideas for my picky eater. Quite frankly, this time of year I also am kinda run down and a bit tired. I am not a huge coffee drinker but do find that during the summer months I am a fan of iced coffee both for the taste and the extra energy. However, purchasing a coffee every day can be quite cost prohibitive! A friend of mine suggested that I try vitamin B12 and on a recent trip to Walmart I picked some up. My son was with me and was immediately drawn to the new Disney vitamins and I purchased them for him because at 6 with his funny diet, vitamin supplements are a necessity. I was pleasantly surprised when shortly after this trip Walmart asked me to try out the Disney vitamins and my son and I are already fans. I was sent an array of vitamins that he will start taking once we are finished the initial Monsters University gummy vitamins that I purchased.

Note that I mentioned gummy! Both my son and I love gummy vitamins, I find them easier to remember to take on a daily basis and my son feels like they are a treat and asks to take them daily without a reminder from me! Disney multivitamins contain over 10 vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A for eye health, B vitamins for energy metabolism and vitamins C & D for immune function. They also contain 3 grams of fiber for digestive health and there are no artificial colors or flavors in the gummies.

Although I have not personally tasted the Disney gummies it is obvious from my son’s daily enthusiasm for taking them every morning that they taste good. Aesthetically the packaging is appealing because I mean really, what is not to like about having your favorite characters: Mickey, Minnie, the princesse, cars, Monster U and the Avengers on your vitamins? As I mentioned of all the vitamins on the shelf at Walmart, my son was immediately drawn to the Disney themed vitamins. And if you are worried about sugar, there is also a sugar free option available.

Taking vitamins has become a daily part of our morning routine and of course will continue throughout the school year. Thank you Disney for helping me keep my son healthy with your themed vitamins!


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