Back to School Supplies at Walmart

I’m a native New Yorker and when I was growing up the we got out of school at the end of June and the new school year started after Labor Day. Here in Georgia things are different. My son started school last week and although start dates are staggered depending on the county that you live in, by the end of this week all of the kiddies will be back in school! School shopping is currently in full effect and more likely than not, most parents have finished or are picking up last minute items to start the school year.

This year like the years prior, I did all of the back to school supply shopping at Walmart. I was given a $50 giftcard and when to work buying the necessities for my son. Since he is only in the first grade, his supply list wasn’t too extensive but I made sure to purchase supplies not only for his use but for the overall list the school asks for with things like tissues, computer paper and sanitizer. In addition to making the required purchases for my son, I also utilized my budget for a backpack that I am donating to a child in need. Quite frankly, the supplies at Walmart are so cost effective that with $50 I was easily able to buy supplies for two children.

As soon as you walk in my local Walmart there are school supply lists available for most of the local schools. This made shopping for another child easy and if you are an early bird shopper, you can have your shopping completed before the back to school rush. The school supplies were easy to find because they were all in a designated area in the store. I did wait until the last minute to shop so I was among all of the parents frantically gathering items but I was still able to find the things I needed. And when I went in the following day, the shelves were all re-stocked, I had to take one last peek and take advantage of items currently on sale to stock up for later in the school year!

Here are photos of my son’s school supplies, he was ecstatic about the bookbag and I’m so glad we picked it up early because they were popular and sold out! 

Also, here is a photo of the donated items. 

Overall, my experience at Walmart for back to school shopping was quick, easy and went off without a hitch. My son is starting the school year and first grade fully prepared!


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