Six Star Protein Smoothie

When I am completely on my game regarding my health I drink smoothies for breakfast and sometimes for lunch or dinner too. I like to come up with various concoctions that have a base of spinach, kale  or other green leafy veggies. I also add fruit as a natural sweetener. However, because I am frequently on the run, I am not always able to take the time needed to cut up fruit for making a smoothie. When I was asked by Walmart if I wanted to try the Six Star Protein shake I immediately said yes. I wanted to see if this was a good alternative when I couldn’t make my usual smoothie and perhaps to add the protein mix to my regular smoothies.

For my taste test, I used water and a frozen berry mix from Dole. I placed 10 ounces of milk, the fruit and a scoop of the protein mix in the blender and let it run for about 1 minute. When it was finished I had a beautiful purple shake that was thick and frothy.  I poured it in my glass and liked the taste.

With this particular smoothie you have the option of using water or milk of your choice and I’ve tried both ways. When I used water I did not add any fruit because I wanted to see how Six Star Protein tastes on its own, because I wanted to see if I would drink it as an option when I’m traveling away from home. I found that when I only used water the smoothie was too sweet for me. I drank it but am doubtful that I’ll make it with water alone in the future. I think the addition of fruit and almond milk dilutes that taste and although it is a personal preference, I like it best in this form.

I was pleased to find out that the  protein smoothies are filled with vitamins and minerals. It’s plant-based, lactose-free and includes 15g of protein, 6g of fiber, 21 vitamins & minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics & digestive enzymes.  My favorite aspect of the smoothie is the price point, it is available at Walmart for $9.97 for approximately 11 servings.

I plan on keeping Six Star Protein in my pantry for days when I want additional protein in my usual smoothies and when I only have time to make a very basic smoothie for breakfast.


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