4th of July Dessert - Red, White and Blue Triffle

So earlier today I posted the grilled shrimp, watermelon and tomato salad for a main course and I couldn’t leave out dessert! I present you with a 4th of July Red, White and Blue Triffle!

This is one of my favorite and simplest desserts to make and although it is patriotically colored, it is good anytime, no holiday needed! The first time I made a similar triffle it was gone in minutes. I took it to a friend’s 4th of July party and although folks were initially hesitant about trying it, once they dove in it was gone in short order!

If you are not familiar with triffle, I liken it to a no bake cake. There are many variations, most people use lady finger cookies as the base but to cut down on fat and calories, I used Angel Food cake that I purchased from the Walmart bakery. As a matter of fact, all of the ingredients including locally grown produce is from Walmart! In addition to the “cake” berries and cream/pudding are added in layers to make this delicious confection.

I also wanted to make it non-dairy (although I do occasionally eat dairy I limit it because I am lactose intolerant) so I used vanilla and banana pudding mix and almond milk. 

And by the way, be sure to use no-cook pudding. It is faster and only requires 2 minutes of whisking! And or course, the triffle would not be complete without the berries and in this instance I used strawberries and blueberries.

To assemble the triffle, prepare the pudding first, following the directions on the box. Next cut up the angel food cake into pieces. I made individual servings in mason glasses so I just cut slices for layering. If you are making one large triffle simply line the bottom of a large clear bowl with the cake. Next add a layer of blueberries and top with a layer of pudding. Add another layer of cake and top with strawberries. Follow this layering method until the top of the bowl is reached and decorate the top with berries in a design of your choosing. You can even make a flag on top!

This quick and easy dessert is one that your children can help with by mixing the pudding, making the layers and even cutting the fruit if they are old enough. Low-fat, tasty and simple to make, what more could you ask for in a 4th of July dessert?


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