Shopping for Father's Day with my son

It is hard to believe Father’s Day is next weekend. Somehow this year is flying by and since time stops for no one, the time to honor fathers is fast approaching. But seriously? It feels like we JUST celebrated Mother’s Day! Anyhow, when Walmart asked me to do something for Father’s day I was more than willing to oblige. My son is truly a daddy’s boy and I knew he’d enjoy the experience of shopping for his father.

Before I went to Arkansas to visit Walmart headquarters last week,  I asked my son if he wanted to shop for his dad. Not only did he say yes but he told me he wanted to buy his dad a tie. I have to admit I had no idea if Walmart actually carried ties because I rarely visit the men’s section because I’m a single mom and have no man in my life to shop for. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the Walmart website and not only found ties but discovered that they are silk and reasonably priced at $10.00!

For clothing items I generally shop at but in this instance I wanted my son to choose the ties so with my fingers crossed in hopes that there would be a good selection, we took a visit to Walmart today. Not only did we find ties, but there was a selection of accessories that a dad would like. I admit the tie selection was fairly limited but my son immediately found what he was looking for - a purple tie! I suggested he choose an additional one for variety and we purchased the purple narrow tie and a blue regular sized tie.

Next we hit up the card section and my son chose a very nice card for his dad. Overall, I found the shopping experience effortless and we were quickly in and out of the store. Although my son’s father will be receiving the “traditional” gift of a tie this year for Father’s Day, I know he will pleased to learn that his son picked out the gift on his own and will proudly sport his gifts!


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