See Man of Steel before it opens in theaters!

One of the iconic films from my childhood is Superman. I very clearly remember going to the movie theater with my aunt and younger cousin who could barely contain his excitement about seeing the film. I had a fantastic time enjoying the special effects and to this day when I hear the Superman theme music it brings a huge grin to my face!

This year, the super hero is being introduced to a new era of fans. My six year old son will be among the many admirers of the Man of Steel and I look forward to seeing the film with him. To prepare, I have already taken a shopping taken a shopping trip, courtesy of Walmart to check out the goodies they have related to the film. My son is going to be over the moon when he tries on his new cape and chest shield and his Kyptonian Gauntlet disc shooter. He loves to play dress up and this is a perfect outfit for the summer !

In addition to a myriad of toys, Walmart also has Man of Steel themed cakes that you can order for the little super hero in your life. Or perhaps you are a fan and plan on having a Man of Steel party! I’d say this cake would be perfect for Man of Steel enthusiasts who want to celebrate the return of this icon by attending an advanced screening of the film!

That’s right, Walmart is providing you with an opportunity to purchase tickets for the Man of Steel before it opens. You simply visit the electronics department at select Walmart stores and purchase your tickets for the Thursday, June 13th 7:00 pm advanced showing of the film. Sadly, I will be out of town so I won’t be able to take my son to see the early screening but if you are a fan and want to see the film before anyone else, simply take a visit to Walmart and purchase your ticket!

This is the first time a retailer has provided tickets for a movie before it is released and I am all about taking advantage of avoiding long lines and crowded theaters on opening night. Man of Steel opens nationwide on June 14th but get in early and see it on the 13th!


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