Review: Health Master Blender and Fusion Juicer

When I was asked by Walmart if I wanted to review the Fusion Juicer and the Health Master Elite Blender I immediately responded with a yes. I am a lover of smoothies and they are a staple in my diet. I have been using my restaurant grade blender for smoothies and was considering purchasing a juicer.  I have been hesitant about purchasing one because I didn’t want to deal with the clean up. In the past when I’ve owned juicers the cleaning was a headache and therefore the juicers didn’t get much use in the long term.  Here are my thought after using the Fusion Juicer.

Appearance: The juicer is fairly compact and is very aesthetically pleasing. I would have no problem leaving it on a countertop. The pulp collector sits neatly behind the machine.

Usage: I decided to try making one of my favorite juices - lemonade made from the juice of one apple and half of a lemon. I also added some mixed greens to get my veggies in. 
The chute is very large so it isn’t necessary to cut the fruit you are juicing in small pieces. Both the apple and the lemon provided a great amount of juice. The booklet that comes with the juicer gives tips on the order to juice things that is very helpful. It also provides a number of juice recipes. I however forgot the order and tried to juice my leafy vegetables last. MISTAKE! They are in the category of least juicy and I should have juiced them first followed by juicer items. Lesson learned - have booklet handy!

Overall thoughts: I really like the Fusion juicer. I am more likely to make fruit juices with it and continue making  smoothies using my blender because I like having the fiber in my drinks. I did eat the pulp so nothing was wasted but again, I prefer smoothies. The clean up was SIMPLE! I was able to wash it out quickly and easily. I did not have a brush as suggested to clean the blades but I was still able to manage without one. But a brush is on my list for the next shopping trip. I really enjoyed the ease of use and clean up with the Fusion Juicer and I recommend it if you are in the market for a juicer.

Price: $119.00

One of the things I immediately noticed about the Health Master Elite Blender is that it can be used to make dough and mix flour. This capability fascinated me so I decided to put the Blender to the test by making a coffee cake. The recipe book included with the Health Master Elite Blender included an easy recipe and I had all the ingredients on hand so I made it for breakfast. I made the coffee cake wheat and gluten free flour and I promise you would never know it. I also substituted almond milk instead of dairy. With simple modifications I was able to use the recipe in the book and stay within my dietary constraints.

Appearance: I love the look of this unit. It has a digital window for selection of speed and time. The pitcher is lightweight and includes a taper for pushing down hard items. I have the black and silver model and like the juicer, I could easily leave this out on the counter.

Usage: To make the dough I needed to blend the dry ingredients first. I followed the directions in the recipe but realized that I might have done better with mixing using the pulse feature. I tried to simply blend on a high setting and overheated the unit. It has an automatic shut off if it gets too hot. I kept it off for a few minutes (I admit, not the recommended 25 minutes) and used it without a hitch. And the coffee cake itself? ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

Overall Thoughts: I really like the Health Master Elite Blender. After seeing it in action making dough for my coffee cake, I am convinced that it will also be great for my smoothies. My old blender may be getting the boot! I really liked the light weight of the pitcher and the taper was easy to use. I also was impressed with the recipe book that included recipes for smoothies, soups, desserts, and adult beverages! I look forward to trying some of them soon. When compared to similarly powered blenders on the market like my old one, I think this is a great price. I highly recommend this blender.


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