Wisdom from Lady Gaga #DisneySMMoms

At the Disney Social Media Moms conference, speaker Jackie Huba, author of the new book Monster Loyalty provided some lessons from Lady Gaga that are applicable for bloggers and really for anyone interested in building their brand or business. 

photo credit: Josh Hallet

And if you like me, were wondering about Lady Gaga - this woman literally is above Oprah on the Forbes of most influential people. She has 57,137,899 fans on facebook and I perked up to listen because I am always interested in learning new things and applying them to my life. And I'd like to share some of the information I gained. 

Gaga Wisdom 

1.  Focus on your one percenters. The super engaged in your community. These are the super fans and they will support you and help you move forward. Learn their names, treat them special. FInd a way to connect with them. 

2. Lead with values.  When people identify with what you believe in. Lady Gaga is a strong support of LGBT rights and she started Born This Way foundation, an anti-bullying organization focused on youth 25 and under. 

3. Generate something to talk about. You might remember Lady Gaga's meat outfit. And even though I am not personally a super fan, I certainly hear about her antics. She clearly has this down to a science. 

4. Give Fans a Name Her fans are Monsters. Although it may be a "different" name it sticks. Gaga's concerts are called Monster Balls. 

After Jackie's talk, I have become a fan of Lady Gaga. I already knew she was an excellent singer but for me she is relatable especially in regard to leading with values. I also have plans to implement these lessons into my life and hopefully will build my brand. I am looking forward to reading about all of the lessons from Gaga in Jackie's book Monster Loyalty.


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