Top 5 Things to pack for Disney World

I'm headed to Disney World and I want to share my top five things to pack for a trip to Disney World. Check out my video so that you can be in the know!

The video is short but if you'd prefer to read here are is my list.

Top 5 Things to Pack for Disney World

1. Sunscreen - this is essential. Orlando gets HOT and to prevent you and your little ones from burning be sure to slather on the sunscreen.

2. Water Fan - you can see this in my video but basically the fans that have the squirt mechanism for cooling water. This is important because again, Orlando is HOT! It also provides a welcome distraction for kids, especially young ones, when waiting on line for for rides and attractions.

3. Compact umbrella - although it doesn't rain frequently in Orlando, it is always good to be prepared and since rain is forecast for this weekend, I was sure to pack my umbrella!

4. Disney World Wait Times App - this is a God send! This app gives you maps of the parks and provides the wait times for attractions. This helps in planning and I use it every time I visit Disney.

5. Mickey (Minnie) ears - I have a collection of mouse ears and kick myself whenever I forget them at home so I added them to my list to ensure that I don't forget them this time. You gotta check out my video just to see my "special" ears!


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