Smart Snacking - gimMe Seaweed!

One of my favorite snacks is seaweed and after a couple of tries my son has developed a fondness for seaweed too.  If you aren’t familiar, I am talking about the seaweed that you find wrapped around sushi (which I absolutely love). When using it for snacking I have eaten the small sheets that are delicious and I also use the larger sheets to make my own salmon nori wraps. My son takes the small sheets to school for snack and if I don’t watch him, he will eat several packages from the pantry!

I was recently introduced to GimMe Seaweed which is now available at Walmart. They sent me a box full of this tasty goodness - including seaweed in a form I’ve never tried before, crumbles. The gimMe seaweed crumbles are available in honey dijon and cheddar flavor. One of the best things about the packs is that they are 100 calories each so you can enjoy this savory snack (cheddar) right out of the bag and eat the entire thing with no guilt. The honey dijon is sweeter and I have to say I like the cheddar flavor much better.

The crumbles can be also be used as a topping for salads, I’d like to add it to my nori rolls just to give them a little more flavor. I can also see myself adding the crumbles to rice, as I mentioned, as a big seaweed fan, I think this would add great flavor to rice and I could add some smoked salmon for a really nice dish. A word to the wise - this is seaweed, so expect to have a briny taste. For some people this is an acquired taste, some like it immediately and others just don’t like it at all. But you can try gimMe seaweed for just $1.37 a pack to see if you and your family enjoy it as much as I do. And if you don’t, well you aren’t out very much money!

As I mentioned, gimMe seaweed is now available at your local Walmart and I am happy because I usually have to travel to a store 20 minutes away to get my seaweed fix! 


Have you tried the wasabi seeweed?

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