Save Your Do!

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I lost 50 pounds from the end of 2009 to mid 2010 and living a healthy lifestyle is extremely important to me. I have personally never had any reservations about exercising relating to my hair, however there are numerous African American women who cite their hair and maintaining it as a hinderance to working out. I completely understand this, if I had a hairstyle that required going to a salon and a weekly basis and my style would be ruined by a workout, I’d be hesitant too. That is why actress Nicole Ari Parker devised the idea of the Save Your Do GymWrap which is now available at Walmart.

The Save Your Do Gymwrap  “uses a patent-pending proprietary “Edge Control Technology” that consists of three layers of materials that wick away moisture from your hair, allow heat to escape, and when properly applied keep hair pressed down during a workout.” It is machine washable and has open ends so it is adjustable no matter the size of your head. This weekend I had the opportunity to visit a local Walmart and see Nicole Ari Parker and her handsome husband Boris Kodjoe meet consumers and answer questions about “Save Your Do”.

One thing that really impressed me is that 10% of the proceeds are donated to the Sophie’s Voice Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to spina bifida research, improving the lives of children and adults with spina bifida and raising awareness about prevention.  Nicole and her husband Boris founded the non-profit after their daughter Sophie was born with the disease.  The Save Your Do not only saves hair, it saves lives!
I am currently in the process of determining my next hairstyle and there is a high likelihood that it will be a straight style. A definite change for me, I haven’t worn my hair straight for any length of time since high school! But I am glad to know that the Save Your Do is available so that I don’t join the numbers of women claiming they can’t exercise because it will mess up the “do”!


YUMMommy said…
It's about time somebody came out with something like this. I might have to get one of these because I've used scarves but they just don't end up soaked and eventually make my roots frizzy. Isn't she and Boris the cutest couple though?!

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