Pure Natural Diva Botanicals perfume

For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of perfume. I just love the "smell good" and wear it more for me than anyone else. There was a time when I wore it almost daily,  so often in fact, that when someone commented that I smelled good, I was taken aback because I'd become so accustomed to my scent. Although my love affair with scents comes and goes, I've recently been introduced to perfume that I can keep in daily rotation - Pure Natural Diva Botanicals. I was sent a small sample set of these all natural perfumes - Diva, Pure, Natural and Elixer. I am most enamored with Diva, a mix of sandal wood and. Although I've been a long time fan of perfumes with floral notes, I like this sultry mix and have been wearing it fairly regularly. 

You may ask what sets Pure Natural Diva perfume apart from the rest? Aside from the amazing scents, they are all natural both free of phthlates, and synthetic ingredients. All natural, with a scent that is long lasting? I am a big fan! If you would like to try these natural perfumes for yourself you can order a sampler for $14.00 and choose your favorite! I personally would love this perfume as a Mother's Day gift! 


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