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This is a sponsored post, I am participating in the Room to Breathe Blogger program. As usual all opinions are my own.

As crazy as it may sound, I’ve lived in my home for 6 years now and I have done very little decorating. My office is painted and my son’s room is fully decorated but the rest of the rooms in my home leave much to be desired. This year I’ve been very inspired to truly turn this house into a home and have been looking for ideas to create my perfect bedroom retreat. Unlike many people, my bedroom is a place of solace for me, I have no television in there and I will soon be transferring my home office into the guest bedroom. I have an entire sitting room that is part of my bedroom and it is here that I will create my dream relaxation room.

I will incorporate all of my favorite things including a chaise lounge and a built in bookcase. My room will be a soft heather grey with lemon and lavender accent pieces. For the decor, I will be incorporating candles too, I love scents and they help relax me. As a participant in the Room to Breathe blogger program, I already have a jumpstart on some of the items I will incorporate in my dream relaxation room.

I’ve been sent a Clean air soy wax candle. I love soy it is long burning and it neutralizes any odors in the room. I was also sent a Envirascape Silver Springs Illuminated relaxation fountain. Can you say bliss? I have both the candle and the fountain on my bedside table. When I turn off my lights the candle and fountain both provide slight illumination in the room and lend to an environment that is healthy and relaxing as a drift off to sleep. And finally, I was sent a Areca Palm plant that looks beautiful, will help keep the air clean and I am hoping I don’t kill it. Sadly, I was not born with a green thumb but was told it is low-maintenance so I’m going to try my best to keep it alive!

And when my room is completed, I will certainly incorporate my Sharp PCI Air Purifier. My bedroom is in the back of the house and during allergy seasons if I run my ceiling fan or open the windows, the pollen and other allergens settle in my room and it is disastrous. The Sharp PCI Air Purifier will be a wonderful addition to the dream room. It is whisper quiet, I mean literally you cannot hear it and you could easily use it in a library without disturbing anyone. It is compact and automatic so it will not disturb the decor and it provides automatic and complete air quality for my room - exactly what I need! Until I complete my room, I am keeping the Sharp PCI Air Purifier in my family room and so far, so good. My son has not had any respiratory problems and I am sure the air quality is better in this room than in any other in the house.

Be on the lookout for a full review of the Sharp PCI Air Purifier and in the meantime, please excuse me as I enjoy my modified relaxation space! For more information you can visit the Sharp Air facebook page and follow on twitter.


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