Mother's Day Gift for Healthy Living

This is a sponsored post and as usual all opinions are my own.

I am mostly healthy. I say that because like everyone I have my moments or even seasons when I am not as vigilant about staying on top of my diet. If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that not only am I a marathoner but just 2.5 years ago I had never run further than 6 miles and had no plans to do so. After my 50 pound weight loss I decided that going back to that unhealthy place was not an option for me. So I’ve worked on maintaining my weight loss for the past 2.5 years. One of the things that has helped me tremendously is doing occasional detoxes and the basis is generally smoothies/juicing for a meal or two daily. I find by doing this I am able to get all of my fruits and vegetables for the day and I am truly full.

My mother has watched my transformation and often asks how she can be more healthy too. When she came to help me during my recovery from surgery last month, I introduced her to the world of smoothies. Just by looking at them she was not convinced that they’d be the best option but after tasting some of my delicious creations she was hooked. While here she mentioned wanting a good blender so that she can adopt smoothies into her lifestyle.

Although I am not able to afford to get a Vitamix for her like I have I went on a search for something that would do the trick. And I found a single serve blender at Walmart by Faberware that I think will do the trick and will be an excellent Mother’s Day gift. The single serve blender has 17 attachments including 2 different blades - a cross blade for mixing and a grinder for grinding. This is an added bonus because my mother is a lover of coffee and she can use the grinder for coffee beans!

The blender includes both a large and several small cups. Not only will she be able to make smoothies for herself but she can use this for anything from soups to guacamole! All of this versatility for $19.94 I think is a great bargain. While I personally can’t speak about how effective the blender is in action - because gift - I can tell you that I read multiple reviews online at before deciding to make this purchase and they were positive.

If you are looking for a gift for a mother in your life who is on the journey to healthy living, I suggest the Faberware blender as a staple for her kitchen!


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