Although I truly am a fan of getting my vitamins directly from the foods that I eat, I know that there are times when I (or my family members) need to supplement. As a matter of fact, as I am recovering from my surgery one of the things my doctor recommended was a mutli-vitamin, even with my pretty healthy diet. I am a fan of things that don’t necessarily look like what they are.  For vitamins I am generally more of a “gummy” vitamin girl than a tradition pill taker. Somehow the sugary taste and feeling as if I’ve eaten candy draws me in and I take them with a regularity (when I do take them) that just doesn’t exist with traditional vitamins for me. The same is true for my son and I’m pretty sure that is why gummy vits were created for kids in the first place. So when Walmart asked if I wanted to try Vitalicious VitaCake FudgyChocolate I was interested because who doesn’t want to take vitamins in the form of a tasty cake with only 50 calories?

VitaCakes have 2g of protein, 6g of fiber, 14g of carbs, only 1g of fat plus 15 vitamins and minerals, and the all natural Fudgy Chocolate VitaCakes are loaded with gooey chocolate goodness. I keep them in my freezer to maintain freshness and when my son requests one or I am on the run I simply take one, defrost it and enjoy. The cake is fairly dense and I like the chocolate chips because they end up being pretty gooey when served warm. My son said that he thought they are awesome and I’m sure if I let him he’d eat several in one sitting.

Although personally, I will still look to my fruits, veggies and proteins in their natural state for vitamins, VitaCakes will be an occasional treat for me and I am more than willing to give them to my son at least once daily if he asks for one. Unlike me, it is more of a challenge for me to ensure he meets his nutritional needs by simply eating foods that I serve so in actuality I think VitaCakes are perfect for kids like him. Low calorie, low sugar (6 gram) and highly nutritious, it works for me! They are available at Walmart for $3.88.

Disclosure: I am a participant in the Walmart moms program. I have been provided with product samples and compensation for my time and effort in completing this post. As usual all opinions are my own. 


I think I'll pass on these and stick with my usual GNC women's ultra mega vitamins. I can notice such a difference when I take them. And let's not talk about the green tea vitamins.

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