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Spring time is officially here and I’ve been pretty busy. I have a few DIY projects that I’ve completed with the help of Walmart that I’ll be sharing later this week. In the meantime, during my visits to Walmart, I’ve been scoping out the Outdoor Living and Gardening areas because I want to do some gardening projects and finally put some furniture on the deck off of my bedroom.

There were several different varieties and styles for outdoor living in store but I know that there are also options online. I have a really nice seating area on my patio that is similar to the one pictured above but since I have the cover from my bedroom deck, I didn’t need to purchase the umbrella. For my deck I have had my eye on this double lounger since last year.

It is available online and I can get free shipping to my home or have it shipped to my local store. There are so many evenings when I sit on an uncomfortable chair to try and enjoy the evening sky, this year I am investing in this double chaise lounge to truly enjoy my outdoor living space.

For the past two years I’ve been growing food in my garden. The first year was amazing, last year not so much. But I am undetered and my son and I will be at it once again, planting the foods that I eat often but can grow in my yard like spinach and tomatoes.

I love the availability of plants and the information for kids that my son and I can explore online.

And although I’ve never done it before, I believe this is the year I am going to spruce up my front yard and give it some curb appeal. My son was more than willing to pose in front of some annuals (his idea, not mine! LOL).

I was also very happy to see my favorites, gerbena daisies as an option for me to plant this year.
So as you can see if you are interested in outdoor living or gardening there are many options for you at Walmart.


I love this time of year and the great outdoor living space ideas. I've been picking up flowers for gardening. Planted rose bushes yesterday and veggies. Still want to get some hanging plants and stuff for the porch.

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