Spring Fashion!

Finally! Spring has sprung here in Atlanta. I am so very happy because really? Snow in March? Where do I live Hotlanta or am I still in New York? Now that the weather has broken of course the pollen count is high, the carpenter bees are out and yes, I have to do something about all of the weeds in my grass but I am NOT complaining. Now is the time for a wardrobe refresh and believe it or not, Walmart has exactly what I need in fashion at EXTREMELY affordable prices!

 I shopped at Walmart.com for this pretty number and I think I did a great job. With a budget of $50 of which I only spent a fraction! And not only did I find great things for myself but I was able to support the Empowering Women Together program so I am extremely excited about this!

First up, the dress. Yes, I know, it looks like I am wearing a skirt but actually it is a convertible dress. It is by Gahaya Links for Full Circle from Rwanda. I am especially pleased with the quality of the dress, the fabric is very heavy and the colors are so vibrant! I look wearing it as a skirt but in the summer I will certainly be wearing it as a dress with a cute belt. 2 for the price of one? You can’t beat that with the $20.00 price tag!

I also purchased tanks from the junior department in Caribbean blue and hot apple. This is two for one again because this is a two pack for just $7.76! Another bargain if I may say so myself! I love the vibrant colors and will be able to rock these tanks with jeans, shorts and other pants. I am really prepared for spring.

And finally, I think my favorite find, these Isabell Lazarte earrings that are from Peru and again part of the Empowering Women Together program. These are absolutely gorgeous and only $12.00. I have some great new earrings that have endless possibilities.

An entire outfit and accessories for only $39.76! I am so excited, check me out in my video with all of my attire!


Very nice and yes, YAY Spring!
BessieAkuba said…
You look amazing! And that green looks great on you.
Jennae said…
Great finds, Renee! I bought one of the dresses from the Empowering Women collection too, and I can't wait to wear it. And those earrings? I'm definitely going to grab those!
Great outfit and Renee you look amazing.

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