Runners Unite for Boston! #runchat

Aurora. Newton. Boston. These acts of terror have rocked our nation. But the events yesterday hit me especially hard. I am saddened for the lives lost, I am saddened by the many injured both runners, family, friends and supporters alike. As a runner I have never questioned my personal safety during an event. I've run 14 half-marathons, my first full marathon last October and many 5K and 10K races. Not once did I have fear...well, I feared I wouldn't finish but no fear that harm would come to me as a result of terrorism.

Yesterday changed that. I had a moment when I thought to myself - "never again will I run a major race" and when I spoke to my mother she said "I won't be going to any more marathons!" but after my initial shock, I had to reflect and think - I will not be held hostage by terrorists.  Today, I am joining members of the running community (one of the most supportive communities I have ever been a part of) and I am wearing blue and yellow in honor of Boston.

And in the midst of my recovery from major surgery, today I walked a hard and fast 26.2 minutes in honor of Boston.  I made a video when I completed my workout and you can watch it below (click through if you are reading this by email). 

And finally, I am RUNNING the Peachtree Road Race on Independence Day here in Atlanta. I will not allow an act of terrorism to keep me from doing one of the things that I love. My heart is heavy but I know that if I stop - if we stop - the terrorists will win. And that is not an option! 


These terrorists want us to be scared and live as hostages in our own homes. I'm so glad that you and many others are continuing to run. Boston needs that type of support more than ever.

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