DIY Sunburst Clock

I am not sure why but so many of the crafts that I enjoy making have a root in my childhood. In the kitchen when I was growing up my mom had this beautiful sunburst clock. I know that sunburst mirrors have been all the rage for awhile now but my memories attached to that clock from the 70’s inspired me to make one all of my own.

So when given the option to create a Spring craft as part of the Walmart moms program, I immediately decided I wanted to recreate the clock from my childhood. Of course I looked to my fellow bloggers for inspiration and found a starburst mirror tutorial on Dwellings by DeVore that would work perfectly for my clock.

I found this Indoor/Outdoor wall clock at Walmart for $8.97.

I am using bamboo skewers for the “rays” a pack of 100 was $1.00 at Walmart and I purchased 2 packs. I used my trusty glue gun to place the skewers on the lip of the clock and purchased some glue sticks because I  was all out. A pack of 30 was $2.77.

I was able to complete the sunburst look in a couple of hours while I watched television. I let it dry overnight with the plan to paint it the following day.

I choose to use Rust-o-leom American Accents ultra cover 2x primer and sun yellow for the color. This is new to Walmart and available for $3.77 each. My guest room/office is purple so my this is a perfect accent color. I am so into colors that make me smile and yellow makes me happy!

I protected the clock face by cutting out a circle from some scrap paper and then I taped with painters tape. 

I wanted to ensure there was no seepage, the clock face doesn’t go all the way to the lip so I filled the space with the tape. The spray painting process was very simple. I used the primer first and completely coated the clock and the skewers.

After an hour I went back, sprayed the yellow and let the entire thing dry overnight. I had a few sticks fall off, two were quite stubborn but after re-glueing them and putting a little weight to hold them in place, all was well.  

I think that the final results are amazing. This super easy craft looks like it costs much more than $23.00!


momadvice said…
Love this, Renee! What a great project!!
You did a fantastic job! $1 skewers? I am there!
Lala said…
Absolutely beautiful! Doesn't not look home made at all. Hoping you feel better soon so you can get home too look at your beautiful creation.
Candace Howe said…
Ooooo cute idea! Lord I can't even imagine the patience you had to have to place EVERY stick OMG. It came out really good
Lindsey Paris said…
Not too shabby! I think the yellow was a great choice!

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