DIY Spring Wreath

I think that convalescing has brought out the inner Martha Stewart in me because I have been on a DIY kick! Now that Spring has sprung, not only I am doing projects, I am finally putting serious thought into how I'd like to start decorating my home. I've lived here for 6 years and it looks like I moved in yesterday, so in the upcoming months be on the lookout for home projects. I'm inspired! In the meanwhile, I am focused on small projects because again - recovering from surgery, so I can't do much. 

Last week I was inspired by Frugal Homemaker to make my own Spring wreath. I've seen them on Etsy with prices varying from $50 all the way up to $168 and after reading the tutorial I was sure I could make a wreath considerably cheaper. So I took myself to Walmart to see what I could do. 

I started with a grapevine wreath, this only cost me $3.00 and it is totally reusable if I want to change my wreath with the seasons. 

For the flowers, I decided on the Spring time daffodils and purchased 3 bunches. I was looking for tulips but I found the pricing to be cost prohibitive at $2.00 a flower! I actually wish my Walmart carried the tulip bunches but I was more than happy with my daffodils. 

As a filler and to add more color to the wreath I chose these pretty flowers, I only used two bunches and they were $5.00 a bunch. 

The actual process was very simple. I clipped the flowers about 3 inches down the stalk and then placed them in the wreath. I didn't bother to use a glue gun, I found that they stayed in place on their own. I started with a single row around the wreath and then filled it until I'd used all three bunches of flowers I'd purchased. Next I added the white flowers - I simply eyed it to make it aesthetically pleasing and finally I used the leaves from the daffodils to add some green to the wreath. Here is the finished project. 

I absolutely love it. I used a piece of ribbon that I had in my craft box to hang it on my door. 

For a first timer, I think I did a great job and this is so easy to do! You can use whatever flowers you choose and it will be a beautiful addition to your door for Springtime. I have more DIY to share with you later this week......


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