Spring Forward! Daylight Savings Time {video}

Well, it is time. That dreaded time of the year when we have to "Spring Forward" at 2:00 am March 10th be sure to set your clocks ahead an hour. Personally I don't have to do anything because I rely on my computer and my phone for the time (wait I forgot about the clock in my kitchen and car) but I have to get my body adjusted to the change. Honestly, I like the extra hour but what I don't like is having to fight my son to wake up the hour "early" when he goes back to school on Monday! I know the adjustment will only take a week or so but the thought of losing that hour makes me want to weep. I guess I'll just go to bed early tonight and hopefully I will adjust pretty quickly because when I am adjusted I do love the extra hour of sunlight!

Here is today's edition of Live 365! And of course, I'm addressing Daylight Savings Time!


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