Rachael Ray Kitchenware

I have been a fan of Rachael Ray since she was the host of the show $40 a day. On the show she combined three things I love - food, travel and a budget! I own several of her cookbooks and am especially enamored with the 30 minute recipes. I was beyond thrilled when I was given the opportunity to try out some of the items from the Racheal Ray Collection kitchenware line which will be available at Walmart starting March 24th. The collection includes cookware, stoneware, and tools and gadgets. Walmart will carry 40 pieces in store from the collection and an addition 175 items will be available on Walmart.com. I’d like to share with the items I previewed.

On a daily basis I make smoothies in my blender. This process does generate a good amount of trash which can be collected perfectly in my colorful garbage bowl. I am able to put all of my scraps in the bowl and just dump it once I’m finished blending my smoothie. It certainly saves me trips to the trash!

Because I make my drinks daily and my base consists of kale, spinach and other salad greens, the Top This! Suction lids help keep my greens fresh. I am able to dump my cleaned greens in a bowl and place either a medium or large lid on my bowl. Usually I use plastic wrap but Top This! uses suction and I am convinced it keeps my items fresher! To test the suction I actually lifted the bowl off the table by the lid! 

Finally, I tried the Lazy spoon. This notched spoon is made of silicone and is safe to 500 degrees! The slot on the handle enables me to rest the spoon directly on my pot. I used it this week when I was making a shrimp sauce for my salmon and it worked like a charm! No more drips on my countertop because it all stays in the pot. And the silicon was always cool to the touch so no problem with my spoon getting hot!
I actually am looking forward to seeing the additional items in the collection and adding to my growing kitchenware collection. I often refer to myself as MacGyver in the kitchen because I make do with the few items I have for cooking and do a great job (if I may say so myself) but it is time to add more functional items and the Racheal Ray collection just may be the place I start!


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