Bissell Deep Clean Premier

My home does need a lot of work. It is a new home, so I don’t mean that repairs are necessary but I haven’t taken the time to truly make this house a home. I sadly admit that many of my walls remain bare although I do have the artwork out and in the areas I plan on placing it. I just haven’t gotten around to doing it. And one of the things about my home that I have to maintain even if I don’t want to is my carpet. With the exception of my foyer, kitchen and bathrooms, my home has beige wall to wall carpet. BEIGE! Which means even if I don’t want to I absolutely must clean the carpets because otherwise this place will look a complete mess! We do remove our shoes at the door but I’ve had a dog and sometimes I do walk around in shoes because I’m rushing in or out of the house. 

It is suggested that carpets be cleaned every 6 months and that is perfect because my mom visits and she enjoys this task. When I told her I was receiving a new Bissell Deep Clean Premier from Walmart she was ecstatic! The carpet cleaner she’d purchased for me had broke down but now she wanted the opportunity to do some cleaning and told me not to touch it until she arrived this week! 

I’m not one to argue and so I let her do the “dirty” work. Although the carpet in my living room had been cleaned recently, there was a big spot that has been the bane of my existence for a few months. Totally my fault, I spilled one of my smoothies and although I did spot cleaning the stain didn’t go completely away. My mom tackled the spot with abandon which is easy with the Bissell Deep Clean Premier. At 25 pounds it wasn’t difficult for her to push and the cleaning action with the combination of Heatwave technology, water, formula and powerful suction the job was done with ease. 

After she got out that spot for me, she used the Bissell Deep Clean Premier in my dining room which serves as my craft room/storage room but is well traveled and has many stains. The Bissell did a wonderful job and I’m very happy with the results. Next up? My bedroom. That carpet has never been cleaned and I look forward to having all of the stains from when my son was a toddler removed! Thanks Mom and thanks Bissell Deep Clean Premier for clean carpets!

The Bissell Deep Clean Premier is available at Walmart for $188.88.

Disclosure: I am a participant in the Walmart Moms Program and received products and compensation for the time and efforts in completing this post.


Amanda said…
That thing does look like it does a great job, and it's pretty too!

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