The Adventures of Mighty Bug

One of my favorite places to take my son in Atlanta is the Center for Puppetry Arts. I'm pretty sure that I took him to see his first show there when he was one and half or two years old and we have gone at least once on an annual basis.  Last week we had the opportunity to see the newest show, The Adventures of Mighty Bug. It was unlike any other show that we have seen and we both enjoyed it tremendously. As the title suggests it is the story of Mighty Bug and his adventures in the bug world. 

The show was so educational and comical. We learned a great deal about different types of insects in a manner that was easily understandable by children of all ages. Action, intrigue and even a love story are included in this puppet show. The show itself is done using life size costumes worn by the performers, shadow puppets and video projection. At the end of the show we were greeted by the performers and everything about the show was explained to us. The "pulling back of the curtain" is a wonderful way for children and adults alike to be introduced to the world of puppetry. This is one of my favorite features of Center for Puppetry Arts shows, they do this at the end of every performance. 

I am not going to to into detail about The Adventures of Mighty Bug but I will say that it is certainly one to see! I really liked all of the music that played prior to the show starting, it reminded me of the television shows like Spiderman that I watched growing up. After the performance Mekhi and I attended a puppetry workshop.  We had a ball making the puppet and his favorite aspect was actually having a puppet show after he completed his puppet. This puppet was a bug - following the theme- and it glows in the dark! We don't have an iridescent light at home but my son is convinced he can get it to glow! 

And because we arrived early, we were able to truly enjoy the Jim Henson exhibit and the other puppet exhibit at the Center for Puppetry Arts. Seeing the history of the muppets and introducing them to my son was a great time. We also explored the exhibit of puppets from around the world. Our favorite was the giant praying mantis. Photos aren't allowed but believe me you don't want to miss the exhibits. I actually can't believe how much we were missing out in the past, especially since viewing the exhibits is included in the ticket price. 

If you are looking for something to do with your children over Spring break this is it! The Adventures of Mighty Bug is playing from now until March 17th. Get your tickets here

Disclosure: We were provided with media tickets to see the show and all opinions, as usual, are my own.


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