Black Love and Marriage

Black Love and marriage. That was the focus the Walmart History teaching history session held at Morehouse College this past Sunday. In a day and age when we hear so many statistics about the lack of strong black marriages and the rise of single black women, this conversation with Bishop Paul D. Morton, his wife Dr. Deborah Morton - married for 36 years (!) and Devon Franklin and wife Meagan Good - newlyweds married less than a year, was truly refreshing. Sadly, Anthony Hamilton and his wife were unable to attend because of a family emergency.

Hearing love and marriage advice from both couples, moderated by the talented Dr. Alduan Tartt, was something special. What struck me the most was the common theme of both power couples of putting love and marriage first in their lives before careers.  The couples both discussed the importance of making time to continue to date each other despite having hectic schedules. Devon and Megan have worked out a way to be together in New York while she films her hit series Deception. This Los Angeles couple truly live by the motto - family first.

Bishop and Dr. Morton noted the importance of reaching out and touching  of other and with modern technology are never out of touch despite having churches that they manage in Louisiana and Georgia.

And one highlight by moderator Dr. Tartt was during times of discord in a marriage “hearing conflict vs. winning” is most important. He noted that research shows how you start an argument is how you finish and the best bet is to address conflict immediately rather than hold on to the anger. I was truly impressed with all of the knowledge and wisdom imparted by the panel and look forward to this Saturday’s event being held in Orlando - Sports Legends: Yesterday, today and tommorrow.

This black love event  was part of the month long celebration of history makers being held across the country by Walmart. Sessions have been held in Washington, DC, Atlanta and the final one is this Saturday in Miami. Although you may not have been able to attend a past session or the upcoming this Saturday, you can view them all on and this Saturday’s event will be live streamed!

Disclosure: I am a participant in the Walmart moms program. I have been compensated for my time and efforts in creating this post. As usual, all opinions are my own.


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