Snowflake Craft

I have recollections of things from childhood that in hindsight seemed very easy to do but in my reality today are a bit more complicated. Case in point, making snowflakes. I remember making paper snowflakes as a kid and it was so much fun and easy, but when I tried to make a snowflake in preparation for doing this craft with my son, I was not successful. I'd forgotten some key components of snowflake making - most importantly having a square shaped piece of paper and the folds are important! 
Complicated folds and cuts make the perfect five point snowflake 

For help, I of course consulted the internet and found directions for making the perfect six point snowflake. The results were beautiful as you can see in the photo at the top of the post but I thought a little too complicated for my five year old. I guess I should have just used my fellow Walmart mom Amy's post as a guide

Initially I was going to use all of the items in this photo but we had a crafting fail and just used the paper, tacky glue and glitter. 

To do this craft with my son, I simple used the video as a guide and made my own folds - allowing my son to be creative with the cutting.  He absolutely loved this craft! 



To add a little sparkle to the snowflakes, we used tacky glue and glitter. I let my son be liberal with the glitter and he picked shimmery colors for the craft. 

Here are the final results! 

I think they are amazing and I love that like true snowflakes they are all one of a kind! And even minus the glitter, cutting snowflakes is a great indoor activity during the chilly days of winter (although here in Atlanta it has been in the 60s so I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing any snow!). 

A big thanks to Walmart for challenging me and my son to make snowflakes! I was reminded about how much fun a simple piece of paper and scissors can be! 


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