Oven Fried Tilapia with Cookwell

I am a long time fan of fried fish. I mean who doesn't like fried food, right? However, I have totally limited my intake of fried foods and I certainly don't fry anything at home. Cookwell has a range of cooking oils that are not only a healthier choice but there are interesting combinations. There are four categories of oils including: bake, baste, dip and fry. When asked to submit a few of my favorite recipes for a "Cookwell makeover" I included my fried tilapia recipe to see how Chef Jake would makeover my recipe.  Of the three recipes, I submitted, I decided on making the tilapia because I'd love the taste of fried fish without all of the extra fat. 

Not only was I sent a beautiful colander full of kitchen cooking items that I am sure to put to use, I also recipes my new recipes on cards for future reference. 

And I was also given the opportunity to have a video chat with Chef Jake Fisher. Chef Jake is  Cookwell’s professional chef and inventor of menu favorites at popular restaurants like Applebee’s and Pizzeria Uno.  During our chat Chef Jake reviewed my recipe as well as the recipes of the other Walmart moms who participated in the recipe review. I learned that Cookwell oils are all labeled very clearly on the front of the bottles and the mixtures seem amazing and include: grapeseed oil, toasted sesame oil, garlic flavored extra virgin olive oil and Italian herb flavored extra virgin olive oil. 

All of the oils are clearly labeled for use, flavor and cooking temperature. This clear labeling certainly takes the guess work out of cooking!  

Chef Jake asked me how I felt about the recipe makeover and we actually discussed my kimchi shrimp fried rice recipe which became Quinoa with shrimp and kimchi. That recipe is amazing and since quinoa is packed with protein it is a better choice than rice. I'll be making this recipe soon.

Overall, I can see Cookwell oil becoming a staple in my pantry. I have three recipes to try and I might even try some of the recipes from the other Walmart moms. And in case you were wondering, the Tilapia was delicious! The outside was crisp and the meat was juicy. I especially liked the Greek yogurt tartar sauce that added additional protein to the meal. Here is the recipe.

I am looking forward to trying out the other recipes in my kitchen!


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