Declutter Challenge tackling my pantry

The cluttered pantry in question....

There are times when I absolutely love my job because I am gently "pushed" by challenges. Last year Walmart challenged me to do a "project made simple" and I stained my deck. ALL. BY. MYSELF! That was a project I'd been putting off for years, five years to be exact! When I moved into my new home I knew my wood deck needed to be stained but I didn't do it until I accepted the challenge.

Although today's challenge to declutter something in my home is certainly not as labor intensive as staining my deck, I am truly the Queen of clutter. And generally nothing short of an act of God (or my mom visiting and organizing things for me - thanks Mom!) will get me to sort through the mess. But when the gauntlet is thrown down I have to do something and I decided to finally attack my pantry.

My pantry has been the bain of my existence for years! When I go in I grumble to myself that something needs to be done but I just don't do it. Today I literally had to convince myself to stop procrastinating and get down to business. And surprisingly, it wasn't as difficult nor did it take as long as I thought it would.

The other day armed with a $50.00 giftcard I went to Walmart to get the needed tools. I knew I had tons of cereal boxes so I started with Mainstays' 16 cup storage dispenser. I added a 2 tier sliding basket, and four storage containers. I also used four Mainstays Large Storage baskets with handles. Finally, I added Mainstays' stainless steel plastic bag holder.

And today - three days later, I finally buckled down to tackle the pantry. The cleaning commenced and as I checked expiration dates I realize that it is virtually a crime to have items that expired in 2009! I guess I need to do this pantry cleaning thing more often! I literally filled three bags of trash with items that were expired and things I no longer eat.

Having all of this stuff around made it extremely difficult for me to ever find the things I was looking for and I am sadly admit that I've often made purchases of items that I now realize were hidden in the back of one of my pantry shelves!

After the cleaning, the organization was a breeze. Clearly from my photos there is very little left BUT the things that are there I do use! I even had to be little "Miss Handy" and pull out my drill to mount my plastic bag holder.

I admit, I am happy with the results. So happy in fact, I may actually attack the cabinets next...although I might need to have another challenge to do so! Oh, well. Slowly but surely I'll get things together. Yesterday I donated some of my old clothing items....I have more so that will be my next personal declutter challenge. I must get the boxed and ready to donate (or consign) clothes out of here!

Have you been starting off the New Year by organizing your home? Have any tips for me?


Shelly said…
You did a great job getting your pantry organized! I am organized all the time (for the most part) and I do "Spring cleaning" at least once a month so we don't accumulate any clutter. I am all about simplicity!
Sameyeam said…
Where did you get the white baskets with the handles?
Sameyeam said…
Where did you get the white baskets with the handles?
The Rogersuz said…
YES I'd love to know where you got the white baskets with the handles!!
Renee Ross said…
The baskets and everything I highlighted are available at Walmart. You can click the links to see the items.

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