Please Help! #LoveForNoah

We are all aware of the horrible tragedy that occurred on Friday in Connecticut. It is difficult for us as a nation and I am sure that all who are parents hugged our babies a little harder and longer when they returned home from school on Friday. I admit that I simply do not have an words to editorialize the situation, I am not going to talk about mental health or gun control issues. I simply want to help in some small way. And when I learned that the nephew of friend and member of the blogging community Victoria's nephew was one of the young victims my heart was broken even further.

What I ask is this, will you please donate at least $1 to help cover the funeral expenses for the family of Noah? If all who read this donate and share the info we can remove at least one burden from this suffering family. I thank you in advance for reading and truly hope you can give a donation. Click Here to donate.  


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