Easy Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are here and the invites to parties are coming in and I certainly am not one to arrive at a party empty handed! I like to bring quick easy or no preparation foods when I am going out for a party. The extra time that I would have spent cooking I use to make myself pretty (smile)! This year is no exception and I found a little help and inspiration from the Walmart Holiday Entertainment guide.

There are many options to choose from but I stick with some of my tried and true picks - a shrimp ring (only $5, if you find prices lower Walmart has price match) 

and a vegetable platter. 

I am a pescatarian and I like to bring foods that I know I can sample, I never want the host/hostess to feel put out because there are limited or no food options for me. And I also enjoy bringing desserts - I can drop them off and forget it! Yes, I've been talked about every year for doing this but I am a sample and go type of girl and this year I'm taking Hershey's Chocolate Cake and Starbucks Holiday Blend coffee. Now that is a winning combination and I am sure there will be no complaints!                 

Pick up the Walmart Entertaining Guide for lots of delicious and easy ideas for your Holiday Parties! And for more ideas check out the Holiday Entertaining Pinterest Board!


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