Why I Voted for President Obama

I am scared. I mean really scared. For the duration of this election cycle I have watched the debates, listened to the candidates and their party politics and frankly I live with fear in my heart.

Fear that people are not truly listening to the issues and what is at stake.

Fear that a man will be elected who will trample all  over my rights as a woman.

Fear that a man will be elected who does not support rights of all people regardless of sexual orientation.

Fear that the forward movement in healthcare made over the last four years and slated to improve even more in the coming years will be set back.

Fear that the great work done by President Obama over the past four years will be totally destroyed.


I voted for Barack Obama because he is a champion of the people.

I voted for Barack Obama because the first thing he did when elected was sign the Lilly Ledbetter.

I voted for Barack Obama because 4 years is not long enough to fix the mess that this country was left in by the GOP after 8 years in office.

I voted for Barack Obama because I believe that he is the best man for the job.

In four years he was able to do this -

Look forward and imagine what he will do with the next four years.

I voted for Barack Obama and I hope you exercise your right to vote today and vote for him too!


YUMMommy said…
Great post. Nervously awaiting to see who our next president will be. Going to be a long night.
laughing808 said…
Well said.......I was in tears this past week because of the uncertainty and I'm so elated that President Obama has 4 more years to continuing moving us forward.

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