Gummy vitamins are not just for kids! #spon

One of the things that I don't do as regularly as I should is take vitamins. Although I have vitamins lining my bathroom counter, I just don't do it. However, I am much more consistent with giving my son his vitamins.  This is largely because he will actually come to me and ask to take them!  Yes, my son is all about the vitamins because he sees them as a "treat." I have always given him gummy vitamins and he enjoys taking them.  I wish I had the same interest in taking vitamins as he does. Trying to swallow a large multi-vitamin with an after taste is just not my idea of fun!

But now I've been introduced to Target's  up & up multi-vitamins for children and adults. My son did not need to be enticed to take his vitamins. As a matter of fact, today I told him to bring them to me and he said "I've already had mine" he asks grandma for his daily dose! I must say that after trying my gummy vitamins, I can totally relate to my son. I know that not only will taking my vitamins no longer be a chore but actually a "sweet treat" in my day. And at only 15 calories and 3 grams of sugar, I have no feelings of guilt for this good for me indulgence!

My son's gummy vitamins are also 15 calories but only 1 gram of sugar. We will both continue to take these vitamins, obviously my son was already sold on gummies but now I am too. With the lower pricing for the Target up&up brand and the great taste, what is not to like? In addition to multi-vitamins, the Target up&up brand has over 1,000 high quality, low priced products.

If you want to try the adult or child gummy multivitamins, here is a coupon for you. Let me know if you are a convert too!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post all opinions are my own.


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