Box Tops for Education Town Hall @Blogalcious

 At the end of September I had the opportunity to attend the Blogalicious conference in Las Vegas. This was the fourth year of the conference and to date, I have not missed a year. This year was particularly special because as a member of the Box Tops for Education Blogger panel I was able to attend the conference and also help to promote the Town Hall discussion that took place during the event.

The esteemed panel consisted of celebrity advocate Chili,

Tommy Hillman, Marketing Manager for Box Tops at General Mills, Ronnie and Lamar Tyler editors of Black and Married with Kids and Box Tops Ambassadors, and NaTasha Nichols Box Tops coordinator and member of the Blogger panel.

All of the panelists were excellent! I had a conversation with Natasha prior to the event and she was nervous but I told her she'd be fine. Natasha is such an expert on Box Tops that she throughly educated the crowd and was full of helpful tips!

Ronnie and Lamar were the hosts with the most and kept the dialogue flowing. And it was certainly refreshing to hear that even an entertainer like Chili is not only committed to advocating for the Box Tops program but she also collects Box Tops! As a matter of fact, she noted that when people approach her when she is shopping she will ask them if they collect Box Tops and provide a quick tutorial.

Tommy and General Mills are so very committed to Box Tops and his enthusiasm for the program was evident. During the Q&A portion of the program he had wonderful ideas for audience members who did not have children but wanted to participate in the program. In fact, his input and the input of all of the panel members inspired a women who is not a parent to start a campaign to collect Box Tops for her local school.

As a member of the Box Tops Blogger panel my level of awareness and sharing the "good news" about this program has increased tenfold! It is my hope that you too will collect and provide Box Tops for your child's school or share them with friends if you don't have children. And maybe, just maybe you might consider becoming a coordinator for your school!


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