A day in the Life with Avon Representative Jaquice

In this final installment of my day in the life series, I attended a health fair at a local college with Avon representative Jaquice. I once again was impressed by her uncompromising professionalism and attention to detail.

The table where where were set up was a very busy one with multiple students approaching and asking questions at any given time. As I stood on the sidelines, I watched Jaquice answer every question with a smile and pay rapt attention to every visitor that stopped by.

And if you were wondering why Avon had a presence at a health fair, information was being provided about the work Avon is doing for breast cancer research and was readily available for students as they waited.

Although there was a "gather as many tickets as you can" factor (at every table tickets were given which could later be redeemed for free stuff) after speaking with Jaquice, the majority of the students actually wanted to join the Avon team.

I had the opportunity to walk around the health fair and I can honestly say I did not see another booth as busy as Avon. I did take advantage of the free massages given by a local massage school because FREE MASSAGE and it was the day before I was leaving Atlanta to run my first marathon. I wanted to be relaxed!

Overall, spending time with Jaquice has been a pure joy. We live in the same area and frequent the same stores - one day we ran into each other at Walmart! As an Avon representative, Jaquice balances motherhood and entrepreneurship seamlessly and this is a golden opportunity for others who would like to do the same.

I personally have been trying out several Avon products and even jewelry! I had no idea how expansive the Avon catalogue truly is, times have certainly changed since the 80s! Now there are products for children, clothing, fitness items and of course the staple make-up. I am so honored to have been chosen as an Avon ambassador and having the opportunity to spend time with Jaquice.

Disclosure: I am an Avon Ambassador and have been compensated for my time and received Avon products. 


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