12 Days of Giving

The holidays are quickly approaching and it is the time of the year when my son starts thinking about Christmas and Santa Claus. I think it is important that he understand the importance of giving back to others at an early age. This prepares him for a life of giving that come naturally. For the past few years Walmart has provided me the opportunity to give back by donating the things I purchase. It has been extremely rewarding know the products and food are going to individuals who are in need.

This holiday season, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation will provide numerous grants to help fight hunger and provide other basic need items like shelter, baby formula, diapers, coats and other cold-weather clothing to those in need. Now in its second year, Walmart is giving users on Facebook a direct voice in where $1.5 million should be directed this holiday through the company’s “12 Days of Giving campaign.

From now until November 18th, you can nominate a charity to win a portion of $1.5 million in grants this holiday season. 

One of last year's Winners, Purple Heart Homes received a $15,000 grant to help provide housing solutions for Service Connected Disabled Veterans and their families. There are several stories about some of last year's winners on facebook. 

Be sure to nominate your favorite charity before November 18th!

Disclosure: I am a Walmart Mom and have been compensated for sharing 12 Days of Giving with you. As always my participation is voluntary and all opinions are my own. 


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