World Food Day - Take Action! video post

Today is World Food Day and is asking all of us to take action to help end chronic malnutrition for 25 million children worldwide by 2016. How can you help?

Today at noon EST (9 am PST) ONE is asking for all of us to tweet a message to Secretary Clinton asking her to put global nutrition on the agenda. You can help by simply tweeting this message today at 12:00 PM.

@StateDept #SecClinton Create a #recipe4change. Put global nutrition on the agenda. 25mm kids are counting on it:

Of course, you can create your own message, just be sure to include the hashtage #recipe4change and #SecClinton.

After (or before tweeting) you can also sign the petition. Helping end world malnutrition can be as simple as providing funding for sweet potatoes to be grown in a developing area. Sign the petition today to help make this happen.

You can also help feed the children by watching this video by the World Food Program that takes a look at Molly's life in Africa. It is only 3 minutes and by answering the 3 question quiz at the end, you will provide a meal for a child!

Please take action! The children of the world need us and this is so simple to do!


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