Video post: Sally Hansen's Gel Polish kit and Insta Gel Strips Review

When I was younger I used to have my nails professionally done on a weekly basis. That was before I worked full time, had a child and household responsibilities! Now a manicure is something that I do at home or have done professionally on special occasions. Because of my active lifestyle, my manicures rarely last very long and I can't justify the expense. But now, there is an at home alternative that is quick and long lasting - Sally Hansen's Gel Polish and Insta Gel Stripsnails kits.

I love gel nail polish, it is a longer lasting manicure - usually up to two weeks. I've only had it done professionally once and that was a gift. One that I could not keep up with. When I was given the opportunity to try at home kits by Walmart I jumped on it. Perhaps this is the solution to my manicure-less nails!

I tried out both products and here is the video of my full experience.

 Here are some photos of the process.

Insta-Gel Strips Kit

This kit comes with a small LED lamp that has a 30 second auto shut-off so you know exactly how long to keep your nail under the lamp. The kit also comes with enough strips for one manicure. You choose the strips that fit your nail, place on your nail and file to appropriate size. One coat of the gel is applied and then you place your nail under the lamp. This is done until the entire manicure is complete. The wipes are used to set the manicure after using the lamp, simply wipe your nail and the manicure is complete.

This is the Gel polish started kit. As you can see it is more elaborate than the insta-strips. I really liked the packaging, once you opened the flap you were able to see all of the contents of the kit. The full-sized bottle of nail polish remover is also one of the things that I really like about the kit. It is the total package and has everything to both apply and remove the manicure. 

The manicure steps are clearly labeled to ensure no confusion during the application process. For my manicure I chose not to use color but the wine color that came with this kit looks very pretty and certainly appropriate for the season. I look forward to trying it soon. 

With the enclosed nail file I shaped and buffed my nails in preparation for the product application. I cleaned the nails with the included wipes and applied the base coat. After applying to all of the nails, I put my four fingers under the lamp with auto-timer for 30 seconds and then followed with my thumb. Next I applied the topcoat since I decided to forego color - I didn't want mismatched hands and ruin a perfectly good manicure by reapplying! And here is the final product.

I found both of the products easy to use. As I mention in my video, my personal preference is for the Gel polish. After wearing both for a week, it is clear to me that the polish is a much sturdier product.  I have not worn gloves for my normal housework routine and with normal wear and tear my polish has lasted longer than the strips. However, the strips are on my right hand and I am a righty so that should be taken into consideration. I personally will be sticking with the polish but for a quick manicure,  the insta-gel strips are the best bet.

Both of these products are available at Walmart. The insta-gel strips are $13.97 and the Gel Polish starter kit is $27.99. I think these prices are great for a long lasting gel manicure with no drying time. If you try it out please let me know what you think!

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and have been compensated for my time and sent products for this review. 


Amalia J said…
really cool! I was wondering if you could use the same lamp for either the strips or the gel polish?? I've seen them both on the walmart site but you can also buy them separate from the starter kit, so I was thinking if I need both lamps? :)

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