The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Party

I am a huge fan of AMC's The Walking Dead. If you are not familiar, this is a show about the Zombie apocolypse and it is full of gore. Perfect for Halloween viewing but this show has been on long before the Halloween season, I've actually been waiting for it to return since earlier this year. And now the wait is over. But please don't be deterred from watching the show because of the gruesome factor, the thing that makes this the most widely viewed basic cable series is the storyline and the drama. I have to say that this show has the best acting and writing of any show that I've seen. I was even able to get my mom addicted to it and she is by far no fan of horror! This show is about human interaction, love, hate and everything in between. And I'm pretty sure this will be the best season yet! 

On Sunday the Season 3 premiere aired and I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to the home of Irone Singleton, an Atlanta native who plays T-Dog on the show, for a viewing. He and his wife were so welcoming and although initially I did not know a single person I felt right at home. 

photo credit: NewNsight photograpy

IronE is truly living the American dream. Although he had a challenging childhood growing up in the housing projects and losing his mom to HIV/AIDS, he worked hard and received academic and football scholarships to attend the University of Georgia. He is an example of what you can accomplish with hard work and determination! 

He also gives back to the community. From now until November 14th, when you visit Cowlicks,  order his float, the Zombie-Kaze, which benefits the Young Voices United Performing Arts School on October 14 through November 14.

And the episode? Well, it was nothing short of amazing! If you missed it you can watch it for free for a limited time on AMC online.  If you haven't been watching the greatness that is The Walking Dead you must! And now, some photos from the party. 

And while the Zombie head may not look welcoming it was a conversation starter! 

Nef, me and Tomikko
photo credit: NewNsight photography

A few of my friends showed up and I was able to give them a run down of the show. They had only seen a few episodes so I tried to catch them up on all the past seasons. Luckily we all won DVDs of the entire season 2 so I'm hoping they can catch Season 1 on Netflix! 

I met Michael who plays Merle on the show. He is hardcore in the Walking Dead and believe me, we'd never be hugged up like this! But in real life? He is HILARIOUS! And so much fun! 

I can't think of a better way to experience the season premiere than with IronE and cast members of the show. I had a ball and am looking forward to the rest of Season 3. I know it will be thrilling! 


DaenelT said…
How about this was my family's choice for Family Movie Night. We all like this show. And you are so right, some of the best acting and writing on TV.

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