Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Review - video post

Lately I have been hearing about BB creams. BB creams became famous in Asia and this skincare product has made it to the United States. Maybelline recently launched its own BB cream - Dream Fresh BB. It is touted as the "1-Step wonder for good skin, every day." I was sent a sample of the BB cream by Walmart and in my video I give my opinion about the product.

I liken BB creams to tinted moisturizers. The Maybelline line of BB creams is available in 5 different shades and provides light coverage. Aside from the coverage, BB creams are also supposed to perfect your skin.

Maybelline's BB Cream is supposed to do 8 things:

Blur Imperfections
Brighten skin
Even skin tone
Protect with SPF30
and has 0% oils and heavy ingredients

For the purpose of this review I simply tried the product right out of the box so I am unable to provide my opinion about the effectiveness of this BB cream as a skin perfector. However, I will say that I am attracted to the light weight of the product, I love the SPF for protection and the color Deep works well for my skin tone.
Deep is on the bottom and medium/deep is on the top. Obviously deep is for me.

Like other BB creams that I've tried, I do wish that there were more color options for people with darker skin tones. This product is not likely to work well for you if you are much darker than I am. I suppose that it could be used as a primer and you could mix your foundation on top which is what many people do when they want more coverage.

For the price, $7.44 at Walmart, I think this is a good product. Again, I don't have a six week period to truly evaluate the effectiveness of it as a skin brightener and the other benefits it is supposed to provide, however I like it as a BB cream for light coverage out of the box. This is something that I will keep in my make-up kit and wear on a daily basis with no problem.

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and have been sent product and/or been compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


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