Halloween Pumpkin Decorating for kids

Isn't that the most adorable pumpkin you have ever seen? I think it is too cute and with no carving of the pumpkin it is a perfect craft for younger children. Yes, I am sort of Halloween crazy around here between costumes and pumpkins but what can I say? I'm a big kid at heart! And I want my son to join in the festivities so this craft is perfect for his five year old hands.  I am NOT going to take the credit for coming up with this idea, I actually found a tutorial HERE.  The idea is based on pottery barn kit that retails for $12.00 but I purchased everything I needed for $7 with materials to make additional pumpkins too! 

The key to design are craft felts, this package was $3.00 at Walmart. Be sure to purchase the one with sticky back! I did a free hand design for our pumpkin but I used the downloadable here  as a guide. I wanted my son to cut out the felt using the pattern but he decided to simply direct the process as I did all of the cutting. He was helpful with the decorating of each piece and the placement on the pumpkin so I have to give him that! 

I actually enjoyed decorating the pumpkin this way and my son is looking forward to the masterpiece I come up with for our last pumpkin. In the meantime, he adores his little pumpkin and takes pride in the fact that he helped create it! 

And now we have two pumpkins. I will be tackling carving a pumpkin next week. Let's hope I don't lose a finger in the process! 


YUMMommy said…
How cute! Great alternative for those of us who are not handy when it comes to carving pumpkins. Plus you can change it up and turn it into a turkey for next month!

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