A Day in the Life with Avon Representative Jaquice

I recently introduced you to Jaquice, an Avon representative here in Atlanta.  I had the opportunity to shadow Jaquice to see exactly what she does on a regular basis. I've learned that one of the best things about being an Avon entrepreneur is the flexibility that comes with the job. You set your own schedule and in the case of Jaquice, you can even take a young child along!

On the day that I shadowed Jaquice we met with a newly recruited Avon representative joining her team. We met in a location that was centrally located, my son and Jaquice played while she discussed the ins and outs of being a representative with her team member. One of the things that stood out was the goal setting exercise for the new representative. She was asked to make a decision about how the money earned with Avon would benefit her in the long term and the amount of income she thought she'd need to make it a reality.

It was an awesome experience watching Jaquice explain that her new recruits goal was not only attainable but could be reach much sooner that she anticipated. The woman was working a full time job but as an Avon representative she would have the flexibility to earn a supplemental income that one day, with hard work, could enable her to be a full-time entrepreneur.

I enjoyed seeing the sparkle in the eye of the new Avon representative as she realized that the possibilities with the company are endless. And this was just one of the members of Jaquice's team. It was clear that this is truly her passion. Opening the doors of opportunity for other women brings her joy and of course builds her team.

Watching Jaquice in action enabled me to get a better understanding of this entrepreneur who juggles motherhood, behing a wife and her business with class and grace. She is an inspiration and I look forward to our next encounter when we attend a general meeting.

Disclosure: I am an Avon Ambassador and have been compensated to share this information with you. All opinions are my won. 


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