Marine Corps Marathon preparation

Me after a long 18 plus mile run

Unbelievably I am six weeks out from the Marine Corps Marathon. Honestly, the entire thing is surreal. I have absolutely no time goal, goal pace, nothing like that. My only goal is to cross the finish line. When I am look at the time and preparation I have put it I am often critical of myself. I know that in my training I have been completing the miles but I have not been doing my absolute BEST. Running is totally a mental thing and I've been resigning myself to being mediocre (for me) instead of really stretching myself physically. Now don't get me wrong, I am proud of myself for hitting the pavement, waking up at insanely early hours in the morning to get the miles in and at the end of the day I know it doesn't matter as long as I complete what I've started. However, I know I can do better and the fear of failure keeps my effort at a level that I know I can easily surpass. So over the next six weeks, my goal is to give every run my best shot...if that TRULY means I have to walk 3 miles, then I will but if I'm only walking because I am being less than my best, than I have to get on that! 

The one thing I do know for sure is that I am going to do the marathon and I will be finishing it! 

During my training I am learning the things that I should and shouldn't do on my runs. One of the most important things about covering such long distances is ensuring that I am hydrated. During the race, I know the hydration will be covered. Walmart is a sponsor of the Marine Corps Marathon  and will be supplying all the water and cups for all the water stations on the marathon course and providing an army of volunteers. This involves purchasing 35,000 gallons of water (which they transport themselves from Delaware in ten trucks) and 650,000 cups to serve the water. Truck drivers donate their time to make the trip and then local store associates as well as logistics associates at the regional distribution centers volunteer to hand out water to runners. Walmart does not do any fundraising to cover the cost of the water and transportation. They write a check from their own budget.

That is absolutely amazing especially since I know that in addition to the Walmart volunteers (and probably some of them) there will be military men and women on the course passing out water too! What an honor it will be to receive help from those who have served our country! I know I will be shedding more than a few tears during the race - and not just because I am in pain! 

But when I run I don't have volunteers on hand to pass me water during my run (although a man loitering in front of a gas station told me he would have had my water waiting as I passed by if I'd let him know in advance!) so I'm responsible for my hydration. I wear a 16 ounce hydration belt with pockets and a water bottle but it isn't enough. I stop at least 2 times during my long runs for more water so I need a new solution. I am eyeing the Rokk Spire hydration backpack. 

My girlfriend wore it on Saturday during her long run and said that she likes it. She used it on her 20 mile run and with her endorsement, I'm going to try it too. I was ecstatic when she mentioned that it is available at Walmart! I'm putting my order in today and look forward to wearing it on my next long run which is thankfully only 8 miles.  In addition to hydrating while on the pavement, I also have to stay hydrated before and after my runs. Cramping calves last week were averted during my 18 miler because I kept hydrated during the week! 

I will keep plugging along, tweaking things along the way to ensure that I have the best race possible on October 18th. I know it will be tricky since I am traveling the next two weekends but I will complete my miles and stay on track! Marathon training is a major commitment but I refuse to quit! 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and have been provided with compensation and/or product for this post. As usual, all opinions are my own. 


Yum Yucky said…
that's a fabulous pic of you. You're glowing, woman!

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