Halloween Costumes

Although in my last post I said I would wait until later in the week to post my costume post honestly this couldn't wait! My son is head over heels in LOVE with his HULK costume! The muscles, the fist, all of it is just super exciting for him. This is the first picture I took of him and although you can't tell, he is barefoot. This was requisite because the HULK? He doesn't wear shoes! 

I never thought I'd be the mom who dresses up with my child but this will be the third year that I will wear a costume and to stay with the superhero theme, I am SUPER mom! 

Please excuse the quality of the photo, my son took it with my camera on the phone and needs just a little more practice! But you get the idea, I am a fighter of all stains, maker of all meals, runner of marathons and all around SUPER MOM! 

I had to catch a photo of us together we are using our powers for good...in the bathroom! 

Did I mention how much my son LOVES his costume. You can see he is totally in character. But what you don't know is that for the past three days he has LIVED in this costume. He is the Hulk morning, noon and night. He even has asked me if he can sleep in it! I had to draw the line because I've let him wear the costume when we go outside to the store and when running other errands....what I can I say I indulge him!

Since it isn't October yet and he wants to wear the costume daily, I am not sure if this particular Hulk costume will make it to Halloween. I'll know for next time and I will purchase the 2 costumes for $35.00 available at Walmart. Since my mom loves to purchase costumes for my son annually and I'm sure this one will be threadbare by Halloween, she gets to send him a new one!

I am a huge fan of the costume section at Walmart. I've been wearing the costumes for the last three years and they truly have the best prices and a great selection. I was a fan before I had the opportunity to receive sample costumes because I'm a Walmart mom. Since all of the Walmarts do not carry the entire costume collection (especially for adults) be sure to check out Walmart.com   for the full selection.

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and received compensation and products for this post. All opinions are my own.


AmandaDufau said…
Both of you look great, that costume looks amazing on you!

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