Frying fish without oil

If you are anything like me you enjoy fried foods. Yes, I know, fried foods generally are not considered healthy but I can admit that they taste darn good! As you are most likely aware, I am a big fan of eating everything in moderation and if I am feeling like fried food it will generally be fish. As I've been working on adopting a Paleo lifestyle I have fried fish once but it was in a very minimal amount of oil - not deep fried at all. When presented with the opportunity to try an oil less fryer I was totally intrigued. I can enjoy fried foods without the extra calories? Yup, I'll take it! May I present to you the Big Boss!
The big boss will fry food without oil by utilizing a heating lamp. It is really a nifty gadget because there are two levels and you can fry two things at once. Of course, I had to try a fried fish recipe so I turned to the recipe book included with the fryer and decided on almond crusted salmon. 

I picked up the fish, almonds and lemons from Walmart. I chopped the almonds, dipped the fish in coconut flour (Paleo approved), and then dipped the top of the fish in an egg wash dipped it in almonds and it was ready to go in the fryer. 

The recipe called for cooking the fish for ten minutes and that is exactly what I did. 

When I make the recipe in the future I will adjust it depending on the type of fish I use. I found that the salmon was a little overcooked for me and the almonds were quite son said burnt but I will say toasty! The taste however was excellent so I think once I get the hang of cooking with the fryer I will cook the fish perfectly. I also made julienned sweet potatoes in the fryer too. I wasn't thrilled with the outcome but next time I will actually cut the sweet potato into fries.  I think the cooking times are guides so I will continue to play around with the fryer until I know exactly how long the cooking times should actually be.

I look forward to mastering the fryer and enjoying some of my favorite indulgences without the extra calories!

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and received compensation and products to complete this post. All opinions are my own.


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