Two People Who Influence me!

One day I was asked what keeps me motivated. That is a loaded question because I am motivated to do some things - like train and run races - but not so motivated to eat properly. Today, I’ll focus on a couple of people in my life who influence me tremendously and I am happy to call them friends.

Lorraine and I at the Atlanta Thanksgiving 1/2 marathon

First up, my friend Lorraine. Lorraine and I became acquainted with each other because of blogging. In my early days of blogging I was everywhere and I happened upon her blog and commented. Our paths crossed and we met in real life shortly after but it wasn’t until I started my journey to healthy living that I started to really pay attention to what she was up to physically. I knew her as the author of the blog AskWifey and the book “Help! I’m a Newlywed, What do I Do Now?" Following her updates on twitter, I saw that she ran the Disney Princess Half-marathon in 2010 and was surprised because I didn’t know she was a runner. And she'd started a new blog RunWifeyRun!

Shortly after her race she announced her Race & Relax series with a training plan to run a local 5K. I hadn’t run in forever and at this point was 40 or so pounds down so she inspired me to take the challenge. I ran my first race the end of March 2010, did Race & Relax in April and have been running ever since! She and I became good friends as our shared love of running brought us together again and again. We now frequently run races and travel together. This December we are off to race in Jamaica! She has certainly been a huge influence in my active lifestyle andI now count her among my closest friends.   She pushes me to “Do Better.”


The next person who influences me I just met last Friday but reading about all of his accomplishments as a runner truly inspires me. I’ve gushed about Jonathon in my post last week but he and I came together once again because of blogging. I’m now identified as a person interested in fitness and Jonathon is doing his Runners Exchange, touring all over the country and I was contacted to interview him. Although I’d call our meeting less of an interview and more of a conversation, when we ran together and sat and talked I realized that he is a person who I know will have a lasting impression on me. His philanthropy, his running, and his spirituality all resonate with me. In just the few days that we’ve been connected it is clear that he is a positive force in my life who came right on time! 

Both Lorraine and Jonathon influence me on a daily basis. This has a trickle down effect because I've been told that I influence people too!
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