Teachers Rock!

This is a photo of my son's pre-k teacher, Ms. Tracy. I can honestly say she is one of the most giving teachers I have ever encountered. My son attends a Christian homeschool co-op with a very minimal budget - parents and teachers both bring  much needed school supplies to the school. However, Ms. Tracy is a shining example of a committed teacher. Not only does she provide the children with a solid foundation for reading and education, she showers them with love.

During the holidays, she gave each student gift bags FILLED to the brim with gifts (both educational in nature and some that were just plain fun) that were based on each child's favorite things. On every child's birthday they are given gifts too. And, for graduation, I was presented with a scrapbook full of memories of the school year, photos of projects completed and actual work that my son had done. She gave each child a bible and we were also given worksheets to work on over the summer so that my son wouldn't fall behind.

And I truly have no idea how much she paid out of pocket for school supplies for the students but on average, teachers use $500 of their own money to support their classrooms. This is why I am nominating Tracey for the Teacher's Wall of Fame powered by Walmart. On a daily basis one teacher is awarded with a $500 giftcard. I truly hope she wins! You too can nominate a teacher that you think deserves to be honored! The contest is running until September 20th.

In addition, tomorrow the Teachers Rock concert will be airing on CBS. The concert was actually held last night in Los Angeles and 200 teachers were given the opportunity to attend the concert for free. Proceeds from the ticket sales benefitted DonorsChoose.org, Feeding America and Teach for America.

In addition to the ability to nominate a teacher, you can also tweet and a Teacher that Rocks and it may be featured in Times Square! I personally believe that teachers are unsung heros and I am so glad that the Walmart Foundation and Donors Choose are placing the spotlight on them! You can find more information about the Teachers Rock initiative on facebook.

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and have been compensated for spreading the word about this initiative. All opinions are my own - I truly believe that TEACHERS ROCK!


Anonymous said…
Homeschoolng co-op that sounds very interesting! I hope your teacher wins!!
Yum Yucky said…
There truly are some wonderful teachers out there that give so much of themselves. Unsung heroes. They don't get enough credit. I still remember the impression my 1st grade teacher left on me. Mrs. McNeill. She wrote me a "good job" note that made me feel so proud. I kept that note until 1995 --that's when somebody rummaged through my keepsake stuff and threw it away. ((sigh)) At least I've still got the happy memory.

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