Tailgating, Buffalo shrimp and team pride!

With the heat here in Atlanta it is hard to believe that football season is literally around the corner! But pre-season is in full effect and around town I see teams ranging from pee-wee to high school getting ready for football. If you've been reading Cutie Booty Cakes for any amount of time, you know that in my game time posts in the past all noted that I am not a football fan. Surprisingly, I am warming up to football and not only watch games but intend to fully comprehend the game this season. Never mind the fact that I was a cheerleader in high school and LOVED playing my football game in middle school, beyond the basics I am clueless. 

Regardless of how clueless I am, I do know how to throw a party and this time I am sharing some of my tailgating solutions with you. I have highlighted my favorite GameTime food, buffalo shrimp in the past. My recipe was fairly healthy but the shrimp were still fried and the buffalo sauce was buttery goodness! This time, I decided to search for a recipe that did not require frying and breading. 

Martha Stewart (of course) has a roasted buffalo shrimp recipe that fit the bill.  From preparation to completion it takes 30 minutes! This is so quick and easy, a perfect recipe for game day!  Instead of utilizing the dressing that Martha suggested in her recipe (which utilizes sour cream), I decided to make a variation on the Guiltless Blue Cheese dressing that I used in my first post about buffalo shrimp. I used Greek yogurt which has a whopping 24 grams of protein per serving which leave you with a feeling of fullness for a very long time. I decided to forego the Blue Cheese and the light dressing was the perfect complement for the buffalo shrimp. I served my shrimp on a salad composed of mixed greens, tomato and avocado but it can also be served in the traditional style with celery.  For tailgating either the salad or celery can be served, you can even do both! It is simply a matter of personal preference. 

Speaking of tailgating, a post would not be complete without my essential items....sadly, my home team is the New York Giants so I will only have one opportunity to tailgate this year. Otherwise, I'll be enjoying the tailgating items in the comfort of my home in front of the big screen! 

My big flannel throw is essential for chilly weather both relaxing while tailgating and for use in the stadium during the game. I would NOT be a true fan if I didn't have a Giants tee shirt in a woman's cut and finally a Giants pilsner to hold a frosty cold beer that will complement the buffalo shrimp! 

There you have it! All of my essential ingredients for tailgating. Of course, other foods will be available but I highlighted the essentials here. And by the way? All of the ingredients for my shrimp and all of the Giants gear is available at Walmart. 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and was compensated with products and compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. 


Miz said…
you had me until you DIDNT mention the STEELERS :-)

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