Running with Jonathon Prince

This morning I had the distinct pleasure of running with Jonathon Prince.   Not only was he a great running partner (somehow he got me to talk to him for the entire duration of our 1 mile run, I'm not a talker on runs so this is major) but he is truly an inspiration! Jonathon has run THOUSANDS of miles for causes that he believes in. He has run from California to Atlanta to New York. On more than one occasion! The first time he did it shortly after Katrina to raise money for the survivors of that natural disaster. He has since run the California Coast for Dreamers and has done so much more, just visit his facebook page and find out! The most amazing thing is that Jonathon has NEVER done an official race. Yet he has run America! 

Our conversation inspired me because he made a decision to make a difference and like Nike, he just did it! Running on faith alone the first time out, he gained a media partner - CNN, right when he was about to give up, and he has been running ever since! He is currently on a 24 city tour - Runners Exchange, with the ultimate goal to get people moving. More importantly he is genuinely interesting in hearing the stories of other runners. 

During our interview I did most of the talking. He was much more interested in hearing my story than sharing his own amazing story. This athlete philanthropist is someone you should know! And he shared with me part of the secret to his ability to run such great distances - OrthoLite insoles! I had no idea that many running shoes are powered by this insole and I cannot wait to try mine out!

I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to spend time with Jonathan. He was inspiring, motivating and encouraged me to "do more." If you'd like to spend time with him follow his facebook page to see if he is visiting a city near you. And if you are in the Atlanta metro area, you can join V-103's Get Fit & Be Healthy Club and run/walk with him monthly. The next meeting is tomorrow at 10:00am Piedmont Park, 10th Street entrance. Put on your running shoes and come out!

Jonathon is one to watch and I'm so happy that we had one on one time together. I'm running my 11th half-marathon tomorrow so I can't make the monthly meeting but next month - I'll be there!


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