Pixi Lash Line Ink- best eyeliner ever

I am a lover of all things beauty. Although I don't talk about it frequently here, I've written quite a bit about make-up (LOVE), most recently on CafeMom. Give me pretty eyeshadow, great mascara, lip gloss (my fav - especially flavored) and most importantly my eye liner and I am ready to go! As a matter of fact, when I was obese rather than purchase clothing, I'd go out and buy some new make-up. I could continue to use it no matter what size I am and why not have a pretty face when you are disappointed with your current size? 

My mainstay is eyeliner. However, I've always been a bit conservative with pricing on this item. Generally I will visit a drugstore or a large chain like Target or Walmart and purchase eyeliner with the hope that it will be the perfect one. I just hate spending an exorbitant amount of funds on make-up and finding out that it really isn't great for me when I get home. Rather than buy my eyeliner from a department store and finding out it doesn't work, I can purchase numerous eyeliners and find a "good" one in the bunch from a drugstore. 

Good eyeliner in my opinion goes on smoothly, with ease and precision. I've tried so many different eyeliners but have not fully been pleased with one. That is, until now! When I attended the Social Luxe lounge during the BlogHer conference earlier this month, I had no idea a treasure would be hidden in my giftbag. Please see Exhibit A:

This my friend is the ULTIMATE eyeliner. Prior to seeing it in my giftbag, I had never even heard of the Pixi brand. Pixi is dedicated to given you the natural look "just had a good night's rest" look. And after using it,  I tell you, I am in LOVE with the Pixi Lash Line Ink. This is a waterproof liner that goes on smoothly, dries quickly and lasts all day! My favorite aspect of the liner is that it actually is like a pen. I have the ability to thinly line my lashes at the lash line for daytime wear or switch things up and line my eyes dramatically with this versatile liner.   

I wore this eyeliner for the duration of BlogHer. In an effort to condense my belongings while staying at a friend's home, every evening I'd go into my giftbags and make piles of things to keep and giveaway. I discovered this eyeliner and was convinced I'd found a winner. Immediately after using it I searched for the website and the eyeliner and it was nowhere to be found! We had been given a preview of the fall line with Lash Line Ink and mascara. I finally found a blog that talked about new items for the season and realized the price point is $16.00! Hefty for me BUT worth it! I am not turning back, I am sticking to Lash Line Ink. Check out my video for a demonstration of the product in use! 

Have I said how much I LOVE Pixi Lash Line Ink? LOVE,LOVE,LOVE! I will be visiting Target or shopping online when I need a new one. Seriously? My search for the perfect eyeliner is over! 

Disclosure: I received the Lash Line Ink in my giftbag at the Social Luxe Lounge but my review is entirely my own opinion. Try it. I bet you will love it too! 


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