How I plan to finally get my Kitchenaid mixer

My preciousssssssss

I have coveted the Kitchenaide mixer for a number of years. I enjoy baking tremendously and although my handmixer is pretty good, there are times when I wish for the power of a stand mixer. Especially when I'm whipping up egg whites until they peak. Takes forever and my arm fatigues despite the fact that the mixer is doing most of the work. I have been without "my precious" for so long because, well, simply put. this is a cost prohibitive item. 

At over $200 it is not at the top of my list to purchase. Aside from my large appliances, this would be the most expensive item in my kitchen and with competing "needs" versus this "want" I have been unable to justify the purchase. As I was browsing the aisles at Walmart the other day I noticed the Kitchenaid mixer. I didn't realize it was carried there and I once again stopped to admire it and proceeded to continue to complete the shopping on my list. I still yearned for the mixer but filed that feeling away to address at a later date. 

And that was that. Until....I learned that Walmart is offering layaway again this year for the holiday season. Suddenly purchasing the Kitchenaid is within my reach. I manage payments over time much easier than an all out full payment. And it only takes a $10 or 10% downpayment (whichever is greater) and $5.00 service charge - which is refunded by Walmart giftcard once the final payment is received- to start. Products eligible for layaway include electronics, jewelry, toys, small electronics and select sporting goods. This year, layaway begins for everyone on September 16th but fans of local store pages will receive early access on September 14th!

Layaway is back and that Kitchenaid may very well be my gift to myself this year. But most likely, if I decide to use layaway I will purchase a gift for my son! All I know is that with the fuel prices as high as they are and the state of the economy in general, layaway is a welcome option for holiday shopping. 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and have been compensated for this post. All opinions, as usual are my own. 


Brooks J. Young said…

Thanks for giving us the heads up on this AWESOMENESS! I've been eyeing the mixer myself but could not afford to drop down $200 for one appliance.

Not for sure what has happened to me over the years, but, I've been turned into a domestic diva which was never the case a few years back.

Great post. You know where I'll be on the 16th :0
Alex cox said…
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Pamela Jones said…
Nintendo 3D here I come.
Anonymous said…
What I have done on high dollar things is get a gift card and add 10-20 when I buy groceries and when I get enough money on the card I buy what I wanted.

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